Playa Ermitaño

Playa Ermitaño

Playa Ermitaño is a quiet beach in Las Terrenas that’s great for swimming and snorkeling. It’s also pretty easy to get to from downtown, so it makes sense to go there before or after hitting the shops and restaurants of Las Terrenas.

The most beautiful beach in Las Terrenas: Ermitaño

There’s a reason why Playa Ermitaño is the most popular beach in Las Terrenas. It has all of the qualities that make an ideal vacation spot: white sand, clear water and lush green hills. The scenery is both beautiful and relaxing.

But what makes this beach truly special is its people. Locals who have been here for years will welcome you with open arms and offer to share their delicious homemade rum cocktails with you while you enjoy your day at the beach.

Playa Ermitaño


Is there a time of year that’s best for visiting Playa Ermitaño?

Yes, though it’s not as simple as “the summer” or “the winter.” Playa Ermitaño can be rented year-round, but the peak season runs from December through March. If you’re planning your trip around Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Carnival (when folks will be in town celebrating), book now to ensure availability!

long beach Playa Ermitaño
long beach Playa Ermitaño

Pros & Cons of Playa Ermitaño


  • Playa Ermitaño is a great beach for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. The sand is white, the water is blue and clear, there are lots of fish to see (we saw tons of seahorses!), and you can walk out pretty far before it gets too deep. There are also some cool rock formations that make great photo ops.


  • The road leading up to Playa Ermitaño isn’t the best—it’s super bumpy sometimes (though they’re working on it). But once you get there it’s all worth it!
  • What to bring: sunscreen! Also bring snacks if you want lunch at the beach instead of going into town. Or pack a picnic lunch and eat at this picnic table right here! 🙂
  • What to do: go snorkeling with your friends in front of Playa Ermitaño! It’s so fun! I love seeing all those fishies swimming around me, especially when I’m wearing my goggles so they don’t see how many boogers I have in my nose 🙂
clear water at Playa Ermitaño
clear water at Playa Ermitaño

Is the Ermitaño Beach in Las Terrenas a public beach?

The Ermitaño Beach is not a public beach. It’s the property of a luxury resort called Villas de la Montaña and is only accessible to hotel guests. The villas are owned by the same company that owns Los Amigos del Mar, so if you stay at either place (or both), you will have access here as well.

How to get to Playa Ermitaño from Las Terrenas and Las Galeras?

Playa Ermitaño is a beach located in Las Terrenas, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It’s part of an area known as El Bosque, which also includes Playa Lucecita, or “Little Light” beach.

Because it’s in a rural area and not a well-known tourist destination, it’s often overlooked by travelers to this part of Hispaniola. But every year when we go back home to visit family and friends living there, we always make sure to stop by Ermitano so that my parents can enjoy its beautiful waters along with their favorite seafood dish: chicharrón de camarón (fried shrimp). If you’re visiting this region or have plans on doing so soon but haven’t been able to find time yet, this article will provide all the information you need about getting from one place in Las Terrenas/Las Galeras down south towards Puerto Plata all way until Santiago de los Caballeros—and how much time each journey takes!

Things to do in Playa Ermitaño

  • *Swim*. There are public pools and a private club for those who want to spend a little more.
  • *Snorkel*. The coral reefs that surround Playa Ermitaño are some of the best in the country, with nurse sharks and stingrays just waiting to be spotted on your snorkeling adventure.
  • *Sunbathe*. There are plenty of good spots on this beach to lounge out in the sunshine while you relax and soak up some sun before heading off to have fun at some of our other activities listed below!
  • *Walk along the beach*. We can help you find your way through town or along more remote areas for an enjoyable walk that will take you far from tourists but still give you access to most everything Las Terrenas has to offer. If someone wants something different during their trip here then we’ll help them find something new each day!”
east view to Playa Ermitaño
east view to Playa Ermitaño

Where to eat in Playa Ermitaño

  • There are many restaurants in the area, so you’ll have no trouble finding one to fit your taste and budget.
  • Some of these restaurants serve local cuisine, which is generally very affordable. If you’re looking for authentic Dominican food and don’t mind spending a little extra, these are great choices.
  • Others offer international cuisine at higher prices—but keep in mind that Las Terrenas has become popular with foreigners and locals alike over the years, so these restaurants cater specifically to them and provide luxury amenities like private beaches, swimming pools (or even an onsite water park), and quality service staffs.
  • There’s also plenty of variety when it comes to hours: some places open early for breakfast or lunch; others stay open until late into the evening; still others offer both options as well as room service after hours; still more offer breakfast only but also allow customers access without making reservations first!
overview of Playa Ermitaño

Where to sleep in Playa Ermitaño

There are many options for where to stay in Playa Ermitaño. There is a wide variety of hotels and hostels, with prices ranging from $10 USD up to $300 USD per night. There are also several camping sites nearby if you feel like pitching your tent and sleeping under the stars.

Playa Ermitaño is one of the best

Playa Ermitaño is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. The surroundings are breathtaking!

It is a very secluded beach, with incredible views and great waves for surfing. It also has amazing snorkeling spots along its coast!


Playa Ermitaño is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. The surroundings are breathtaking!






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