Playa Carolima

Playa Carolima

We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about Playa Carolima in Las Terenas. This is a beautiful beach with white sand, clear water and lots of shade from palm trees!

Playa Carolima in Las Terenas

Playa Carolima is a beautiful beach located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The beach is named after a woman who lived in Las Terrenas, and you can find out more about her story by checking out some local museums or asking your hotel’s concierge.

The views from this beach are stunning, especially when you’re sitting on a hammock watching boats cruise by while sipping on an ice-cold beer or rum punch.

Playa Carolima

Carolima is easy to reach by walking or driving; however, if you’re staying in town and want to visit other beaches nearby (like Playa Cacao), we would suggest renting a car for at least part of your trip so that you can explore other areas easily as well!


What is the best time to visit Playa Carolima?

Most people prefer to go in the dry season (December through April), when there’s less rain and more sunshine. However, it can get hot in the summer months of June through September, so keep that in mind if you’re planning a vacation during that time.

How many days should I stay at Carolima beach?

You could spend several days exploring the area by foot or bike, but most people opt for an excursion with their rental car or taxi driver. If you want to stay longer than just a few days, there are plenty of places where you can rent an apartment for under $100 per night. The nicest apartments are located on Playa Carolima and Playa El Jobo; these are also some of the most expensive properties on the beach strip!

Is the beach safe?

Yes! There have been no security incidents reported at any hotel or tourist spot since Las Terrenas opened its doors to visitors over 35 years ago. The locals co-exist peacefully with tourists who come here for their vacation getaways every year—so long as visitors respect them and their way of life while they’re here too!

Pros & Cons of Playa Carolima


  • The beach is beautiful, with soft sand and clear water.
  • There are plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas (for rent) on the beach, as well as a bar that serves drinks and food. You can have your own private cabana with a bathroom, or rent one of their other cabanas that are by the water’s edge.
  • It’s very close to several restaurants and stores so you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere when you need something from town or want some delicious food! The hotel offers free shuttles back and forth to Las Terrenas if you’d rather not drive yourself.

Carolima beach

Carolima beach is a beautiful beach in Las Terrenas. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun. There are many bars, restaurants, and shops nearby where you can find everything you need for your trip. You can rent scooters or bikes to get around town if you want some exercise during your stay, but it’s also easy enough to walk anywhere in town without needing transportation. I love walking to the beach every day because it’s so close by! The waters are calm enough for swimming and playing volleyball (if there aren’t too many waves), but also good enough for snorkeling if there’s nothing else on your agenda that day.

Carolima beach
Carolima beach

If you’re looking for an awesome place to spend some time relaxing at the beach then I think Carolima will fit the bill perfectly! Just make sure that when you go back home afterwards that all of your belongings made it safely with no problems because who knows what could happen otherwise…

Getting There — by foot, scooter, or car

  • To walk from the town, follow the main road that runs along Playa Carolima. You’ll pass several restaurants and shops before reaching a fork in the road marked by a restaurant and an ATM. Go left at this fork, which leads down to Playa Carolima’s beachfront.
  • Renting a scooter or car is an easy way to get to Playa Carolima if you don’t mind paying for parking once you arrive. Just remember: there are no sidewalks here! Driving can be dangerous on these roads because they’re narrow and full of potholes; drivers should also be mindful of pedestrians walking along them as well as other vehicles zipping around corners without slowing down much at all (which seems to be standard practice). If you do choose this option, make sure that whoever is driving knows how to drive safely through these kinds of conditions before setting out together; also keep in mind that many locals don’t think twice about driving without wearing seatbelts!
  • Once on foot or with transport options chosen, head towards Las Terrenas Beach Club where food service begins around 10am each day until 5pm or later depending on seasonality factors such as weather conditions during peak tourism seasons like Easter week (known locally as Semana Santa) when demand for both beachfront access space especially during lunchtime hours tends higher than usual due higher volume crowds wanting enjoy themselves after church services end early afternoon time frame

The beach

  • The beach is beautiful, with soft, sandy white sand and a clear view of the ocean.
  • There are lots of palm trees on the beach, as well as hammocks for relaxing in.
  • The restaurant here is popular with locals and tourists alike; you can enjoy your lunch or dinner under a palm tree on one of their terraces while you listen to music from their live band.
  • Or if you prefer to relax by yourself, this bar has an excellent selection of local drinks and snacks like pina coladas made with fresh pineapples grown at one of Las Terrenas’ many farms. Even better: they offer horseback rides along Playa Carolima!

Rios restaurant- Food and Drinks

Rios restaurant
Rios restaurant

Rios is a great place to eat. They have a variety of foods and drinks, with all the favorites you might want for lunch or dinner. The service is good and the prices are reasonable, especially considering how delicious their food is. We recommend Rios for breakfast because of their extensive menu (including pancakes, eggs benedict) or lunch/dinner because it’s one of the few places in town that offers both meat or seafood entrées as well as vegetarian options like veggie burgers and salads. If you’re not sure what to order, just ask them to point out some favorites!

Rios location
Rios location

Rios also has an excellent selection of drinks: smoothies and milkshakes are always a hit here because they’re so creamy & delicious! You can even get your beer ice cold if it’s not already served at room temperature (which is usually preferred). The service at Rios is fast, friendly and efficient—you’ll get exactly what you want without waiting too long! It’s clean too —which isn’t always easy in such tropical conditions where insects tend to show up more often than expected… but not here luckily!

People Watching

  • People watching is a popular activity at Playa Carolima. There are many people on the beach, so you have lots of options to choose from when it comes to picking out interesting characters to watch.
  • The locals are friendly and open to talking with you as well. You can practice speaking Russian, or they will teach you some interesting facts about Russia!
  • When people ask me questions about my life, family, and job (which they always do), I get nervous because I’m not used to being asked these kinds of things by strangers—but it’s actually really fun!

This beach is beautiful!

There are few things as important to a beach experience than the quality of its sand. Playa Carolima has soft sand that feels good on your feet, and it’s not too crowded. The water is also exceptionally clear and clean. This beach is perfect for swimming as well as enjoying other activities like boogie boarding or playing volleyball.


We recommend you check out this beach if you’re in the area. It’s beautiful and worth the visit!






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