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Robert Sikora Author of Las Terrenas guide

I fell in love with Las Terrenas on my first visit to this small but beautiful town back in the 2010s. It was one of the first places where I saw tourism developing and it was also where I met my wife, who was working as a tour guide at the time. Since then, I’ve lived here and seen many changes over the years. Now, thanks to new hotels being built here plus some exciting new restaurants that are popping up all over town, Las Terrenas is continuing to grow as a tourist destination while still maintaining its small-town charm!

We are lovers of Las Terrenas

To many, Las Terrenas is a tourist destination. It’s a beach town that attracts vacationers and people looking to relax on the beach. But what’s often lost in this vision of Las Terrenas is that it has one of the most vibrant communities in the Dominican Republic, with many businesses run by Dominicans and featuring products made by local artisans. In fact, when you visit Las Terrenas you’ll experience a community with its own unique identity—and maybe even fall in love with it as much as we have!

We take care of Las Terrenas

We are taking care of Las Terrenas. We are taking care of the environment, the children, the elderly and animals.

We have also taken care of a lot of land in which we have planted trees and plants that support life on earth.

We love Las Terrenas because it is our home and we want to keep it healthy for future generations.

The community of Las Terrenas will see a revitalization thanks to new hotels and commercial centers being built here.

This is good for the community, because new jobs will be created, and businesses like restaurants, stores and other amenities will open up. The area is already known as an idyllic place for vacationers seeking renewal in the midst of paradise.


We are so proud to be a part of this community and we appreciate all that it has given us. We hope you can come visit us soon, where we will show you a place full of love and warmth.






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