Playa El Anclon

Playa El Anclón

Playa El Anclon is a hidden gem of Las Terrenas. The beach is surrounded by lush vegetation and has plenty of shade so you can enjoy it even when it’s hot outside. If you’re looking for something more active, you can go surfing or kayaking nearby.

Playa El Anclon is located in Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic.

Playa El Anclon is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, and it’s located on the north coast of the country. It’s a great place to hang out with friends, family or just by yourself if you’d like some time to yourself. You’ll see that there are plenty of activities available for everyone here.

Playa el Anclon

There are two types of sand at this beach: white and black sand. The white sand is soft and warm while the black sand feels more like sugar granules because it’s made from crushed shells! Other things you can do at Playa El Anclon include swimming and surfing up until October when rough weather begins here due to hurricane season (June through November).

Playa El Anclon is a great beach to visit and enjoy. It’s located between Playa Carolima and Playa Lutz, so you can choose whether you want to be in the action or have some peace and quiet during your trip. The beach itself is 250 meters long and 25 meters wide, which gives you plenty of space to set up your beach chair or umbrella and relax with a good book while enjoying the ocean breeze!


What is the best time to visit Playa El Anclon?

The weather in Las Terrenas is hot year round, with temperatures ranging from 24°C (75°F) to 30°C (86°F). The dry season lasts from January to April, while rainy season runs from May to December. These patterns are consistent throughout this region of the Dominican Republic. However, El Anclon does have one advantage: it’s far enough up the coast that you may find slightly less rain here than elsewhere on the same latitude.

Is there good snorkeling at Playa El Anclon?

Not particularly—the water isn’t very clear and you won’t find many large fish or corals here. Still, if you enjoy swimming around without goggles and looking at some small creatures under your feet instead of above them, this beach could be perfect for your needs! Just know that if other beaches in Las Terrenas are better suited to snorkeling activities like these ones [link], then don’t expect much out of this particular spot unless it’s cloudy out (when visibility improves).

Long Playa el Lanclon
Long Playa el Lanclon

Pros & Cons of Playa El Anclon


  • Pros: – Beach between Playa Carolima and Playa Lutz
  • Close proximity to town center (about 1 kilometer)


  • The water here isn’t as clear as other beaches further north, but it still offers good swimming conditions for those who aren’t picky about having crystal clear blue waters all around them at all times of day/night.
Long beach el Lanclon
Long beach el Lanclon

Beach between Playa Carolima and Playa Lutz

If you’re heading to Playa Carolima, Lutz or the center of town and your hotel doesn’t have a car, then this is the beach for you. It’s only a 15-minute walk through town to get there and it’s also very close to the airport.

While you’re in Las Terrenas, be sure to check out all of the amazing things there are to do on this beautiful island!

It is near to the center of this popular tourist destination.

Playa El Anclon is near to the center of Las Terrenas, and it’s also close to Samana and Dominican Republic. You can find this spot on the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean (the same ocean).

The beach is very long, and it has a beautiful water. The sand is really soft, and there are many palm trees surrounding the area. You can enjoy swimming in this beach because there’s no current or waves. You can also see the beautiful sunset from here because it faces the west side of Dominican Republic.

The beach is approximately 250 meters long and 25 meters wide.

If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing beach, Playa El Anclon is the perfect place for you. The beach is approximately 250 meters long and 25 meters wide. Although it is quite narrow compared to other beaches in Las Terrenas, it has many palm trees surrounding it so that you can feel like you are in your own little world when laying down on the sand.

If you are someone who likes to travel light during your vacation, this beach might not be right for you because of how far away from everything else it is located. However, if being away from tourist traps and noise sounds like an ideal holiday experience to you then give nice Playa El Anclon a try!

clear beach el anclon
clear beach el anclon

Playa El Anclon is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. The beach is located on the eastern coast of Samaná Bay, which makes it one of the largest bays in the Caribbean. This breathtaking beach is surrounded by ocean waters that are turquoise blue and sparkling clear. The water at this beach has been rated as excellent for snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving because it does not have a lot of waves or undertow to worry about.

The sand at Playa El Anclon is soft, white and powdery like sugar! There are also plenty of palm trees to provide shade from hot sun or rain showers so you can relax comfortably while enjoying your day on this gorgeous piece of paradise! If you don’t feel like getting wet then simply walk along with other tourists who have rented jet skis or catamarans from nearby vendors who offer them daily rentals during all hours except between 10am-3pm since those hours are reserved exclusively during peak season (November through April).


The main thing to remember is that this is a public beach, so it’s not going to be as pristine as some private beaches. However, there are still lots of places to go and things to do during your stay at Playa El Anclon. It may not be the most ideal location for swimming or sunbathing all day long; however, if you want an affordable vacation with great views of nature and culture then this is the place for you!






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