Playground for kids

Playground for kids

Las Terrenas has many parks and playgrounds for kids to play at. There are several parks in town but the most popular is Plaza Rosada. It has plenty of space for kids to run around and play on the equipment.

A great playground in Las Terrenas is the one at Plaza Rosada.

If you are traveling to Las Terrenas and looking for something fun to do with your children, this is the place to go. The playground at Plaza Rosada is located right in the center of town next to the central park. It’s a good spot for kids because it’s close by and has all kinds of different things for them to do. The playground has swings, slides, ladders and more! There are also benches where parents can sit while their children play on their own or with other kids in the area.

This playground is open every day from 10 am until 7 pm during high season (mid December through mid April). During low season (mid May through mid December) it opens at 9am and closes at 5pm daily. As far as cost goes there isn’t one – it’s free!


Q: How many children can play at once?

A: One of the best things about this playground is that it has a separate area for younger kids to play and an area for older kids to play. There are also water features, so they can be used by all ages.

Q: When is the best time to go?

A: This park is open from 9am until 6pm. If you plan on going during peak times (weekends or holidays), we recommend getting there early in order to secure a spot with shade or under an umbrella in case it rains.

Q: Is it safe for kids?

A: Yes! There are security guards who watch over this park 24/7, so don’t worry about any safety issues while visiting here with your family members!

Q : Are there other activities available besides swinging on swingsets?

A : Yes! They have several areas set up where kids can practice sports like basketball and soccer.

kids playground
kids playground

Pros & Cons of Playground for kids

The playground is a great place to spend time with your kids, but there are also some important things to keep in mind.


  • It’s close to the beach
  • Has a variety of equipment for all ages and abilities
  • Is well-maintained by the city government

The park has a small outdoor place with several pieces of equipment for children.

There are swings and slides, monkey bars, a sandpit and even an area to play games. The playground is located next to the Catholic Church and the library in Las Terrenas.

It is located between the Catholic Church and the library.

To get there, walk down the road that leads to the beach and take a right at the end of it. You will see a sign on your left pointing towards the playground.

The Las Terrenas Public Library is just across the street from where you will enter into this park area. The library has books in multiple languages and also has computers for people who want to use them. The library also offers free wifi for people using their laptops or mobile devices while they are at this location! This is a great place to go if you have any questions about anything while staying here, since they are very knowledgable about anything related to our town as well as all other locations within Dominican Republic!

They also provide information about places nearby such as La Romana City Center Mall (which we recommend visiting), Casa Colonial Hotel & Spa Resort (which we recommend visiting) etc.. If you’re interested in taking pictures there’s always someone available who can help out with this too so don’t hesitate asking if needed!

There is a small concrete place with slides, monkey bars and climbing walls.

There are different types of slides: some have steps on the side so that children can climb up or down; others are just straight. The height of the slides varies from about 5 feet to 10 feet high.

There are also some monkey bars for kids to play on, which range in height from about 4 feet to 6 feet high. The climbing walls are about 9 feet high, but there is an area where younger children can climb up without going all the way to the top if they want something easier!

The age limit for using this equipment is 3 years old and up (kids under 3 years old must be accompanied by an adult). Up to four children can play at once; however, please keep in mind that when playing with multiple groups of kids it may be necessary for one group or another to wait their turn before using certain items depending on how busy it gets at any given time during your visit here!!!

A great place for kids to play at in Las Terrenas is Plaza Rosada.

Plaza Rosada is a great place for kids to play at in Las Terrenas. It’s located just across the street from the church and library, so it’s easy to find. It has a small concrete space with slides, monkey bars and climbing walls for kids to enjoy.

You can also bring your own toys or get some from the gift shop nearby.


I hope this review has been helpful in making a decision on where to take your kids. If you are looking for other options, there is a small park near the Catholic Church that has some equipment but not much else. The second option would be at Plaza Rosada which has more equipment than the first one I mentioned. This playground will keep your children entertained as well as give them an opportunity to play outside instead of being inside all day long!






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